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Every shoot is only as good as it's crew; this has never been so true than when filming in 3D. Each member ofmuch to the smooth running of the 3D equipment, this can speed up the production to a point where it hardly takes any extra time to shoot 3D than 2D.

The DOP is viral in the understanding of the dimensionality of each set up so adds quality to the final stereoscopic image.

I put forward the following crew members who I feel have contributed so much on recent films that I have been stereographer on, and would be happy to work with them on future projects.

Lorenzo Senatore.
Lorenzo worked with me on Spiders, not only as the DOP but also opporated the steadycam on many of the key shots in the film. A great artist and a wonderfiul positive perdson on the set.

James Macdonald, Asistant Sterographer.
I worked with James on Elderado, he was camera asistant, I was impressed with his work so offord to train him as a stereographer,

Francois Coppey, DOP.
He worked with me on Elderado 3D, we had a fantastic working relationship, His wonderful lighting added so much to my 3D shots.

Celina Jennings,, Camera operator.
A young woman that I have worked with on several films, she adds a great positive force throughout the whole shoot and produced excellent results every time, she is a joy to work with.


Scott Connolly, 3D Rig Technician.
All I can say is that he is the best rig technician I ever worked with and was a joy to work with on Spiders 3D.


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