3D Phil
Acting, Cinema, Theatre
As you perhaps would expect working in this field, I love the arts and spend most of my spare time enjoying them
Country Walking. I walk as much as possible to keep fit.
Travel. My work has enabled me to travel extensively, still lots to see.
DVD & Blu-ray Collection
I have an extensive collection of all my favourite movies and you guessed it, proberbly the largest colection of 3D films.

Digitals Restoration
3D has been around since the mid 1800's so one of my interests is to restore and colorize these old stereographs, with a view to making historical 3D programmes for future generations to enjoy.

TV Comedy
NI have a passion for Bilko, Dad,s Army, Hogan's Heroes, I Love Lucy, Hancock's Half Hour, they all keep me smiling.

Making 3D has taken me to some facinating locations.


Personnel Projects

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